Material Orders

You can create material orders to allocate inventory materials for use on specific jobs.

Material Orders are used to assign and allocate materials to jobs, creating committed units and costs for the specified job/phase/cost type. These costs are relieved and posted as actual costs once the material order is confirmed.

When creating material orders to reserve materials for jobs, you create committed units and costs in Job Cost and increase the allocated quantities in IN. Confirming a material order relieves the remaining committed units and costs in JC and creates actual units and costs, while also reducing the allocated and on hand inventory.

Material Orders can be created in two ways.

  • IN Material Order Entry - All materials on a material order must come from the same location, but may cover more than one job.

  • PM Material Orders - You can designate materials from multiple locations, and when material orders are initialized, the system will assign a separate material order number to each location indicated. Multiple materials ordered from the same location will appear as sequential items on the material order. Although set up in PM, the actual material orders are not created until you use the PM Interface form.

When setting up material orders, the job pricing options set up in the IN Company Parameters form determine how the materials are priced.