About Posting Sales of Materials

You can post sales of materials for jobs, customers, and/or inventory.

The following forms are used to post sales of stocked materials:

  • IN Material Order Entry - Use this form to create material orders for jobs set up in the Job Cost module. This reserves or allocates inventory and becomes a committed cost on the job. Before the actual costs can be updated to the JC module, the material order must be confirmed using the IN Material Order Confirmation form.

  • PM Material Detail - Use this form to create material orders for projects set up in the Project Management module. When the project is interfaced using PM Interface, the material orders are set up in Inventory where they may be confirmed at a later date. Once confirmed, actual costs are updated for the job (project) in Job Cost.

  • JC Material Use - Use this form to post the materials used on a job.

  • MS Ticket Entry - Use this form to post sales of materials to jobs, customers, or inventory. This form is used to post materials as they are sold so all appropriate updates occur when the batch is posted.

Using these forms, the materials can be posted in any valid unit of measure. The pricing option specified for sales to jobs, equipment, and customers will determine how the materials are priced when they are posted in the related forms.