About the IN Material Order Close Form

Use this form to close material orders, relieve any remaining committed cost or units, and relieve allocated units in the IN Location Materials form.

You can close material orders that are “open” or “complete” (that is, have no remaining units or have been marked as complete in the IN Material Order Entry form), or material orders that have remaining costs or units (that is, have not been confirmed or have been partially confirmed).

Using the selection criteria, you can control which material orders to pull into the batch. To restrict selection to a specific job, specify the JC company and job; otherwise, leave blank to include material orders posted to all jobs. You can include all 'open' and 'completed' material orders, or restrict selection to a range of material orders. You also have the option to include open material orders with remaining cost or units.

After entering the selection criteria, enter the close date and click the Update button. The grid is populated with all material orders meeting the selection criteria. Repeat this process as necessary until all desired material orders are included. To delete a specific material order, highlight the row and press the Delete key. To remove all material orders and start over, click the Clear button.

Note: Clicking the Cancel button closes the form. Any material orders that have been updated to the grid will remain intact.

Once the batch is ready, select File > Process Batch. The close process will relieve any remaining committed cost and units, and relieve allocated units in IN Location Materials. Total and remaining committed units and costs in JC will be adjusted. After all items have been processed, the material order’s status is set to Closed and its Month Closed updated.