Confirm Material Orders

Use the IN Material Order Confirm Init form to quickly confirm material orders.

  1. Enter the confirmation date and material order number
    all items on the material order automatically display in the grid.
  2. (Optional) Confirm all units for all items by selecting the Confirm the 'Remaining Units' for all Items check box.
  3. Edit confirmed units if needed.
  4. If you want the batch to include items with zero confirmed units, select the Include Items where 'Confirm This Time' equals zero check box.
  5. click the Update button to create the confirmation batch.
    All confirmed items will be cleared from the grid
  6. Repeat the process for each material order you need to confirm.
    The system adds each material order to the existing batch.
  7. Post the batch by selecting File > Batch Process.
    If you want to review/edit transactions before posting, go to the IN Material Order Confirmation form.