About the IN Bill Of Materials Form

Use this form to set up and maintain the various Bills of Materials used in the production of finished goods, by location group and finished material.

The information set up here serves as the default for all locations within the group. This information can be overridden by location and material in the IN Bill of Materials Override form.

Each Bill of Materials lists the components (or raw materials) that make up the finished good, as well as the component quantities needed to produce one standard unit of a finished good. This allows the system to adjust Inventory appropriately whenever the finished good is produced (using the IN Production Entry form or automatically through the MS Ticket Entry form).

Components defined for a finished good at this level are assumed to exist at the same location as the finished good. In other words, if the finished good is produced at Location #1, then the component materials must also exist at Location #1, and Location #1’s inventory will be relieved accordingly. If components are “pulled” from locations other than the production location, use the IN Bill of Materials Override form to set up your Bill of Materials.


Setting up a Bill of Materials