About the IN Bill of Materials Override Form

Use this form to set up Bill of Material overrides by location.

You will only need to set up overrides here if the component materials for a finished good will come from different locations or if the composition of a finished good differs by location.

Each Bill of Materials lists the components (or raw materials) that make up the finished good, as well as the component quantities needed to produce one standard unit of a finished good. This allows the system to adjust Inventory appropriately whenever the finished good is produced (using IN Production Entry or automatically through MS Ticket Entry).

The setup process for this form is similar to the one for IM Bill of Materials, except that the component setup for this form allows you to define a separate location for each of the component materials. This will not affect any standard Bill of Materials since it is specific only to the indicated location.

Note: If component locations differ from the good’s production location, how the component materials are handled during production (manual or auto) is determined by the Usage Option specified in IN Company Parameters. For more information, see How Component Materials are Handled During Production. Tasks

Setting up an Override Bill of Materials