About the IN Rollup Form

Use this form to summarize or compress inventory details.

Typically, once you have run all the monthly reports and have closed the month in all sub ledgers, you can roll up the details.

Rolling up inventory transactions summarizes the entries in the INDT (Inventory Detail) database table into one entry per source/month, much like a balance forward on a statement. Reports printed after a rollup will contain the roll-up entries instead of a series of detail lines, and will have a description of ‘Detail Roll Up’ in the memo field. The sources for the roll-up are listed below:

IN adjustments, physical count

TR transfer

PR production in inventory

AP material purchases through Accounts Payable

JC JC Material Use


MO Material Orders

MS Material Sales - broken into 5 additional entries as follows:

1 - Customer sales, intercompany

2 - Job sales

3 - Inventory sales

4 - Inventory purchase

5 - Production

The rollup adds a new transaction to the INDT database table for each summarized entry and deletes all the old transactions of which the entry is comprised.