Initialize the Physical Count Worksheet

In the IN Physical Count Worksheet form, select File > Initialize to initialize worksheets for all locations where a physical count will be performed. This launches the IN Physical Count Initialize form.

You have the option to initialize materials to the worksheet by category range, material range, or a combination of category and material. Once you specify the category and/or material range, you must select the locations to initialize. The Available Inventory Locations section displays a list of all valid and active locations that are already set up in the IN Locations form. You can initialize for a single location, a range of locations, or all locations. If you select the Include Physical Locations check box, the list will also include any physical locations set up for each IN location, allowing you to restrict initialization to specific physical locations.
  1. Make your desired selections in the category and material fields. Press F1 in any field for more information.
  2. (Optional) In the Count Date field, specify a default count date for all entries on the worksheet.
  3. If you want the system to include a count for each material and location, select the Initialize System Count check box.
    The system count is compared with the physical count and any discrepancies (negative or positive) are displayed in the Adj Units column (in the IN Physical Count form). For more information on processing a physical count, see About the IN Physical Count Worksheet Form.
  4. If you want the system to include activity for the date in the Count Date field, select the Include Count Date Activity check box.
  5. Click Update.