Start the Reconciliation Process

Begin the month-end reconciliation process in the IN Monthly Reconcilation form.

Before you start your month-end reconciliation
  • print the "IN Inventory Totals by Matl and Location" report, which provides a summary of information used in the reconciliation process.
  • See How the Reconciliation Process Works to review and understand the process.
  • Close or clear any open batches.
  1. In the Month field, enter the month you want to reconcile.
  2. Click Initialize.
 The form populates beginning values based on the prior month’s ending values, and a record is created for each location and material.
  3. Click Print to print and review the Reconciliation Report.
  4. Click Update to create a batch of Adjustments for correcting entries.
 The IN Batch Process form displays.
  5. Process the batch normally. For more information, see About the IN Batch Process Form.
You can edit Adjustment batches in the IN Adjustment Entry form, but it is not recommended unless you plan to reprocess the month.