About the IN Material Initialize Form

Use this form to initialize materials to the Inventory location specified when this form was accessed.

Access this form by selecting File > Initialize Material from the IN Locationa form or the IN Location Materials form.

Note: Materials must be set up in the HQ Materials form before they can be initialized to inventory locations using this form.

Materials can be initialized by category and/or by material, with the option to specify a range or to leave blank to include all categories and/or materials.

Once the initialization process is implemented, the system initializes all materials flagged as “Stocked” and “Active” (in the HQ Materials form), that meet the selection criteria, to the new Inventory location. When initializing materials to an existing location, any material that is already set up for the location will be skipped. Existing material information will not be overwritten or updated.

The initialization process defaults the following based on values in the HQ Materials form:

  • Last Unit Cost
  • Weight Conversion
  • Average & Standard Unit Cost
  • Standard Unit Price
  • Additional UMs

These values can be edited as necessary, and will not affect the standard values for the material in the HQ Materials form. Additional information, such as low stock and reorder quantities, physical location, markup/discount rates, and current quantities (on hand, allocated, ordered, and received/not invoiced) must be entered manually.

Once the material is set up and all necessary values are defined for the current location, use the IN Material Copy form to copy the material to other Inventory locations. For more information, see About the IN Material Copy Form.