Plant Costing Links

To track operational costs of your plants, set up links to jobs and/or equipment during location set up.

  • Job Links

Job links allow you to specify the JC company and Job that will be used to track the operational costs of a plant and link it to an Inventory location for reporting purposes. Job links will typically be used for situations where employees work at a plant rather than a job site (e.g. an employee who works at a plant producing asphalt), but you still want to track the costs as you would for a job. By setting up a “dummy” job, and linking it to a location in this form, you can pull together the costs posted to the job in JC with sales revenue tracked in Inventory for the location.

  • Equipment Links

Equipment links work in the same manner as job links, except that the location is linked to an EM company and Equipment. This type of link is typically used for “mobile” plants that are set up as pieces of equipment because they move from location to location. By setting up the plant as a piece of equipment and linking it to a location, you can easily pull together the operational/maintenance costs posted to the equipment in EM with the sales revenue tracked for the location in Inventory.