About Purging Material Records

In order for a material to be eligible for purging, all these conditions must be met:

  • On Hand, On Order, Allocated, and Received Not/Invoiced quantities are 0.00;

  • Transactions do not exist for the material in any open month;

  • Ins and Outs from closed months balance;

  • Sum of units in the IN Inventory Detail table (INDT) equals 0.00;

  • Material does not exist as a finished good or component on any Bill of Materials in the Bill of Materials Override table (INBO).

By default, the system applies the purge to all materials unless you select materials individually. The purge process cycles through all materials, skipping those materials that do not meet the criteria, and purge those that do. As the purge process completes, the system provides a summary indicating the number of materials purged and the number of materials that could not be purged.

After selecting the appropriate option and, if applicable, entering the selected material, press OK to purge. When completed, a message displays stating that the purge was successful, and provides the option to perform another purge.

If errors are encountered during the purge process, a message displays stating why the purge cannot be completed.