About the IN Purge Form

Use this form to delete inactive locations and/or materials from the Inventory database tables.

Use this form to purge a location or material that has previously been active and accumulated detail, but is no longer in use.

If instead you want to delete locations or materials that have not yet had detail posted to them, use the associated setup form (the IN Locations or IN Materials form).

Purge options available:

  • Delete Location and all of its Materials

  • Delete all Materials, but leave Location on file

  • Delete a selected Material from a Location

Regardless of which option you select, the purge process will remove eligible entries (that is, those meeting the criteria indicated in the About Purging Material Records topic) from the Inventory Detail (INDT), Monthly Activity (INMA), Material UM (INMU), and Materials (INMT) database tables.

If you selected the ‘Delete a location and all of its materials’ option, eligible entries will also be purged from the Location Company Category (INLC), Location Company Override (INLS), Location Category Override (INLO), and Location Master (INLM) database tables.

Note: The purge process does not update the PM Subcontract Detail form or the item detail in the PM Material Orders form.