About the IN Transfer Entry Form

Use this form to post inventory transfers and to track movement of inventory between locations.

This form can only be used if multiple locations are set up on the system.

Transfers will update the On Hand field (IN Location Materials) for both the source and destination locations. Last and Average unit costs will be updated at the destination location if the transfer date is equal to or later than the material’s last purchase date (i.e. Last Cost Update) at that location.

The values of location transfers posted in this form are based on the Cost Method specified in IN Locations or IN Location Category Override.

General Ledger entries are made by debiting the destination location’s Inventory account and crediting the source location’s Inventory account (as specified in IN Locations or IN Location Category Overrides). Refer to the following diagram for an example of a GL entry for a transfer.

Transfer From:

Location #1

Transfer To:

Location #2



Unit Cost:






Destination Location Inventory Account

Transferring Location Inventory Account

Note: When using this form, transactions can only be edited in an open batch. Once the batch is posted, transactions cannot be edited; adjusting entries will have to be made.