About the MS Invoice Add Form

Use this form to add existing invoices into the current batch for reprinting. Access this form by selecting File > Add Invoices for Reprint from MS Invoice Edit.

You can pull a single invoice into the batch, or use other selection criteria to pull multiple invoices into the batch at one time. You can restrict based on location group, location, customer, customer job, customer PO#, and/or invoice date. Once the criteria is defined, only those invoices that match the specified criteria and were originally posted in the same month as the current batch, will be added to the invoice batch. You can make multiple passes by changing the selection criteria and pressing the Update button. Each pass will add new invoices to the existing entries in the batch.

Once invoices have been added to a batch, they can be reprinted. They cannot, however, be edited. After you reprint the invoices, you can either post or clear the batch (MS Batch Process). Invoices that have been previously posted will not be re-interfaced to AR/GL.