About the MS Invoice Void Form

Use this form to pull existing invoices into a batch for voiding.

You can only access this form by selecting File > Add Invoices for Void from MS Invoice Edit.

Invoices can only be voided and pulled into a batch one at a time. Once you specify the invoice to void, static information about the invoice is displayed on the screen. This includes the customer, customer’s job number and PO#, invoice date, due date, and the invoice total. Once you review the information and determine that you want to void the invoice, click the Void button. This will flag the invoice as “Void” and add it to the current batch. You can then repeat the process for other invoices you may want to void. Once all desired invoices have been added to the batch and flagged as “Voided”, the batch may be processed as normal (in MS Batch Process).

When invoices are voided, adjustments are created in AR and applied to the original invoice transaction. Associated tickets (or hauler time sheets) are reopened and can then be edited and re-billed. The voided invoices numbers cannot be reused.