About the MS Invoices Form

Use this form to deliver multiple MS Invoices at one time.

Whether you have invoices you need to redeliver or invoices that you are delivering for the first time, you can use this form to deliver a group of invoices at one time.

Using the Search Criteria , you can filter the invoices shown in grid. The Delivery Status option you select determines whether to show all invoices, delivered invoices, or invoices that have not been delivered. Other filter options allow you to filter by customer, customer job, customer PO, and/or invoice number. If you are redelivering invoices, you can also filter by delivery date. Then click Search to populate the grid with invoices meeting your criteria, and select the invoices to deliver.

Note: Default invoice reports are specified in the Invoice Report field on the Material Sales tab of the AR customers form.

Deliver MS Invoices