Add a Recipient to an MS Invoice

You can add recipients to a Material Sales invoice so that they will recieve a PDF copy of the invoice via email or postal mail.

The Recipients list is used during invoice delivery (in MS Invoices Delivery) to determine who will receive a copy of the invoice and whether they will receive it via email or postal mail.

When you add invoices to a batch in MS Invoice Edit, the system automatically defaults the recipients defined for the customer in AR Default MS Recipients. You can add new recipients, delete existing recipients, and/or edit the delivery information for a recipient.

To add a new recipient:

  1. In MS Invoice Edit, click the Recipients tab.
  2. In the Seq field, enter N or +.

    The system auto-generates the sequence number for you.

  3. In the Delivery Method field, select P-Print or E-Email.
  4. In the Name field, enter the name of the individual or company to whom you will be mailing or emailing the invoice.
  5. In the Email field, enter the recipient's email address.

    Entry in this field is required if delivery method is E-Email.

  6. Use the address fields to enter the recipient's mailing address.

    Entry in these fields is required if the delivery method is P-Print.

  7. Save the record.
You can now use the invoice delivery feature to deliver invoices to the recipient.