Deliver MS Invoices from MS Invoice Edit

You can deliver Material Sales invoices using MS Invoices Delivery.

You must have already created an invoice batch containing one or more completed Material Sales invoices.

When delivering invoices, the system uses the delivery method defined for each recipient to determine whether to print or email the invoices. If the delivery method is P-Print, you can send the invoices via postal mail once they are printed.
  1. In MS Invoice Edit, select File > Deliver Invoices.
    The MS Invoices Delivery form appears.
  2. Select the Include Cash and Credit Card Invoices check box to include invoices created from cash or credit card transactions when printing the invoice.
  3. Select the Print Notes? check box to have notes printed on the invoice.
  4. Click Deliver.

    For email invoices, the system emails a PDF of the invoice to each applicable recipient on the invoice.

    For printed invoices, the Print dialog box appears.

  5. In the Print diaglog box, select the appropriate printer settings. Then click Print.
Invoices are delivered via email or printed as applicable. For printed invoices, you can now send the invoices via postal mail.