Deliver MS Invoices from MS Invoices

You can deliver invoices to recipients via email or postal mail using MS Invoice Delivery.

Once you have selected invoices for delivery, you can edit recipient information and add attachments; however, you cannot edit invoice information or remove invoices from the list.
Note: If you need to edit invoice information, use MS Invoice Edit. If you need to remove an invoice, close the MS Invoice Delivery form, reselect the appropriate invoices, and then click Deliver.
  1. From the Vista main menu, select Material Sales > Programs > MS Invoices.
  2. From the Delivery Status drop-down, select one of the following:
    • All - Select to show all invoices, regardless of delivery status
    • Delivered - Select for invoices that you need to redeliver
    • Not Delivered - Select for invoices that you have not yet delivered
  3. From the Payment Type drop-down, select the payment type by which to filter invoices: A-On Account, C-Cash, or X-Credit Card.
  4. Use the Customer, Customer Job, Customer PO, and Invoice fields to further filter invoices for delivery.
  5. If you selected to show Delivered invoices, use the Delivery Date fields to indicate the range of delivery dates by which to filter invoices.
  6. If you want notes printed on invoices, select the Print Notes? check box.
  7. Click Search.

    Filtered invoices appear in the grid.

  8. Select the invoices to deliver using one of the following methods:
    • Click Select All to select all invoices in the grid
    • Select individual invoices using the Select check boxes in the grid
  9. Click Deliver.

    The MS Invoice Delivery form appears.

  10. Review the recipients and attachments for each invoice and modify as needed.
  11. Click Deliver.
Invoices are delivered to the recipients designated for each invoice.