Voiding Invoices

Invoices can be voided if necessary using the “Add Invoices for Void” option in MS Invoice Edit.

This option allows you to pull invoices into the current batch, mark them as "void", and post them with other transactions in the batch.

First, you must pull the invoice into the current batch. The batch month must be the same batch month in which the invoice was originally posted. Select the “Add Invoices for Void” option from the File menu and specify the invoice you want to void. Information about the invoice is displayed on the screen. Verify that it is the correct ticket, then click the Void button. The invoice is flagged as “Voided” and added to the current batch. All transactions to which the invoice applied are displayed in the grid; however, no changes can be made to these transactions. When the batch is posted, adjustments are applied to the original AR invoice, netting it to 0.00. GL entries are reversed and original tickets are reopened and available for editing.