About the MS Quote Copy Form

Use this form to copy specific detail from one quote to another.

This allows you to set up several quotes that are similar in context, without having to enter material pricing and haul rates individually. The destination quote must be the same type as the source quote and must be unique. That is, only one quote can exist per customer, job, or location combination. This also means that you cannot copy quote detail to an existing quote.

Access this form by selecting File > Quote Copy from MS Quotes.

If you checked the Auto-Generate Quote #'s box (MS Company Parameters), enter New or + as the destination quote number. The system automatically generates a quote number based on the Last Used Quote # field (MS Company Parameters). If assigning quote numbers manually, you must assign a number that does not already exist.

Use the Copy section of the form to specify how much of the source quote’s information you want copied. Select each applicable check box to have the system copy the information to the new quote. The system always copies the quote header.

Note: If you copy quote detail, the system only copies the materials and their pricing; units initialize as 0.00.

After entering copy criteria, click the Copy button to begin the copy process. When the process is complete, a message displays indicating a successful copy and the form closes. Control returns to the MS Quotes form.