About the MS Surcharge Groups Form

Use this form to set up and maintain surcharge groups.

Surcharge groups allow you to have surcharges assessed during ticket entry (in MS Ticket Entry). If you will be using the surcharge feature, you must set up at least one surcharge group and assign a minimum of one surcharge code to that group. The system will only assess surcharges if they are assigned to a group.

Although you can assign multiple surcharges codes to a surcharge group, you do have the option to assign a single surcharge code per surcharge group if you prefer a one-to-one relationship. For more information about surcharge codes, see MS Surcharge Codes.

Once set up here, you can assign surcharge groups to quotes (in MS Quotes). If you will be assessing surcharges with every ticket, you can also assign a default surcharge group in MS Company Parameters. The default group will be used to assess surcharges for tickets not associated with a quote or for tickets associated with a quote where the quote does not specify a surcharge group, but is flagged to apply surcharges.

Set Up a Surcharge Group