Setting up a Pay Code

Using the MS Pay Codes form, you can set up pay codes to identify how the system will calculate payments for haul vendors.

Note: You will only need to set up pay codes if you use haul vendors to haul materials sold to customers, jobs, and/or inventory locations.

The following steps detail how to set up a pay code in MS Pay Codes.

  1. In the Pay Code field, enter a number (up to 10 characters) to represent the pay code.
  2. In the Description field, enter a description that easily identifies the pay code.
  3. From the Pay Rate is Based On drop-down, select the option that applies to this pay code. The option selected here determines how the system calculates pay charges for this pay code.
    • 1-Per Unit
    • 2-Per Hour
    • 3-Per Load
    • 4-Units Per Mile
    • 5-Units Per Hour
    • 6-Percent of Haul
    • 7-Percent of Surcharge Total*
    • * You must select option 7-Percent of Surcharge Total if this pay code is for use with the surcharges functionality (i.e., you will be assigning this pay code to one or more surcharge codes in MS Surcharge Codes).
  4. Set up the pay rates for this pay code on the Rates tab.

    You can now set up one or more rates for your surcharge code. Rates are defined in hierarchical levels; therefore, the more criteria you enter, the more specific your rates will be. If you enter something in every field, the system will only apply the specified rate if the data entered on the ticket matches the criteria exactly. If your rates are fairly generic, you can enter a minimal amount of criteria to cover a broader range of materials.

    Note: You can override surcharge rates by quote in MS Quotes.

    For information about the surcharge rate hierarchy, see Surcharge Rate Hierarchy in the online help.