About the MS Hauler Time Sheet Tickets Form

Use this form (accessed by clicking the Tickets button in MS Hauler Time Sheet Entry) to verify tickets entered in MS Ticket Entry.

The system displays ticket detail automatically in the grid based on the information entered in the time sheet header (MS Hauler Time Sheet Entry). If the Hauler Type is H-Haul Vendor, the grid displays any tickets posted on the date specified in the header that match the Haul Vendor, Truck #, and Driver. If the Hauler Type is E-Equipment, tickets posted on the specified date that match the EM Co#, Equipment, and Employee display in the grid.

You can then review tickets against the information indicated on the hauler’s time sheet. If ticket and haul information match, check the Verify box to indicate that the ticket is accounted for by entries on the hauler’s time sheet. If you can account for all tickets in the grid, you can verify them at one time by clicking the Verify All button. Once you verify tickets, the system automatically updates the Ticket Detail table (MSTD).

Note: If you try to edit or delete a Hauler Time Sheet with verified tickets, a warning message displays. Before you can change the date, hauler type, haul vendor, driver, EM company, equipment, or employee, or flag the time sheet for deletion, you must clear all verified tickets.