About the MS Price Find Form

Use this form to look up a price, haul rate, and payment discount for any material. This is an inquiry form only and cannot be used to change information.

Specify the type of purchaser (i.e. Customer, Job, or Inventory) for which you are trying to locate pricing information and the corresponding field displays on the form. After you enter the purchaser information (e.g. Customer, Customer Job, Customer PO), the system searches for quote information. If a quote exists, the header information displays in the Quote Information section of the form. If a quote does not exist, a “No Quote on file” message displays to the right of the purchaser information.

Use the middle portion of the screen to enter search criteria. This includes price and discount templates, location, material, material vendor, material phase, haul code, truck type, haul zone, and haul phase. Click the Refresh button to display Standard, Template, and Override pricing, haul rates, and discounts based on the criteria. This information displays in the Unit Prices section of the form. For more information, refer to the list below.

  • Standard — The system determines Material prices from HQ Materials (non-stocked) or IN Location Materials (stocked) based on the Pricing Option selected in IN Company Parameters. Haul rates are the standard values assigned in MS Haul Codes. The Payment Discount is the value assigned in HQ Payment Terms if “rate” based, or the amount assigned in HQ Materials or HQ Material Units of Measure if discount is “material” based.

  • Template — The system uses standard prices and rates with the price and discount template overrides applied. If you did not supply a template, this row of information will equal the standard values.

  • Override — The system uses standard prices and rates, including all overrides to material pricing, haul rates, or payment discount rates. If a quote does not exist, this row of information equals the template values.