About Editing and Deleting Tickets

If you have posted tickets (in MS Ticket Entry) for sales to jobs and/or inventory, you can edit those tickets and re-interface them, as long as you have not invoiced them in AR or AP (intercompany sales, and/or haul vendor payments).

Tickets that you have posted for sales to customers can only be edited if they are not included on an invoice. If you have included them on an invoice, but you have not interfaced the invoice to AR/GL, you can remove the ticket from the invoice (in MS Invoice Edit), make the necessary changes, and then add it back to the invoice.

If you already invoiced a ticket in AR or AP, a message displays at the top of the form indicating the AR invoice number and/or AP reference number, and the system disables any non-editable fields. For tickets that have been invoiced in AP through MS Hauler Payment Worksheet or MS Material Payment Worksheet, you can re-enable the tickets for editing by first deleting the related transaction in AP Transaction Entry.