About the MS Move Transactions to Target Form

Use this form to change the month for a new or existing batch transaction in MS Ticket Entry. Access this form via MS Ticket Entry by selecting Tasks > Move Transactions to Target Month.

You can change the batch month for transactions in an existing batch or for transactions that you have already posted. The system will handle the batch month change as follows:

  • Tickets with Transaction Type (A)dded will be added to the Target Batch and removed from the Source Batch.
  • Tickets with Transaction Type (C)hanged or (D)eleted will be added to the Target Batch and flagged as (D)elete in Source Batch.

You must post both the Source and Target Batches to successfully change the target month for the selected transactions.

For more information about changing the batch month for new or previously posted ticket transactions, click the link below.

Change the Batch Month for MS Ticket Transactions