About the MS Ticket Add Transaction Form

Use this form to pull existing tickets into the current ticket batch. You can open this form by selecting File > Add Tickets from MS Ticket Entry.

You can pull a single ticket into the batch, or all tickets posted to a specific batch. Additional selection criteria, such as sale date range, from location, sale type/purchaser, material, and/or unit of measure, allow you to restrict what transactions the system pulls into the batch. Select the ‘Mark Transactions for Delete’ check box to pull in a large group of tickets and automatically mark them for deletion when posting the batch.

Note: You cannot add tickets previously invoiced in AR or AP (customer sales, inter-company sales, and/or haul vendor payments) back into a batch if you flagged them for deletion (i.e. the Mark Transactions for Delete check box). If you check this box for an invoiced ticket, a message displays indicating there were no entries found to add to batch. You cannot add the ticket to the batch until you uncheck the box.

Once you have entered your selection criteria, click the Add to Batch button. The system adds all tickets meeting the selection criteria to the current batch, excluding those that are currently in another batch. A message will then display indicating the number of transactions added, as well as transactions that were not added and why (e.g. Transaction: 10 already in use by Batch Id: 244).

Tickets added successfully to the batch can be edited or marked for deletion (unless already invoiced in AP), and the batch posted as normal.