About the MS Ticket Entry Options Form

Use this form to indicate which fields on the MS Ticket Entry form require input and which ones users can skip.

Access this form by selecting File > Ticket Entry Options in MS Ticket Entry.

If you frequently post large batches of tickets, using this form can help save valuable time by allowing you to skip repetitive or unnecessary inputs. When you enter tickets, the cursor skips each field you selected on this form. However, the system will still default values based on the field’s default parameters. For example, if you elect to skip the input for ‘UM’, the system will still default the material’s sales unit of measure.

For fields that default from previous entries, default will only occur if entries exist in the batch before you select the Skip Input field. In which case, you may want to enter the initial ticket to set up the information before selecting the Skip Input check box for the desired fields. For example, if you are going to post a batch of tickets with the same ‘From Location’ and ‘Material’, enter the first ticket and set the ‘skip’ option for those fields. Each ticket you enter from then on will automatically default the ‘From Location’ and ‘Material’ from the previously entered ticket. If you need to change the data, click the mouse in the appropriate field, enter the required data, and proceed as normal. Each successive ticket will default the new values.

Note: You can also use the F3 Properties window to set the ‘Skip’ option. However, if using the F3 option, access each field individually. The Entry Options feature allows you to “set” or “clear” the skip input option for all fields at once.