Company Setup Options for Ticket Entry

There are setup options in MS Company Parameters that affect MS Ticket Entry.

These options are described below.

  • Remove From Ticket Entry - The check boxes in this section determine the fields that display on MS Ticket Entry. Select a check box to have the corresponding field (or fields) removed from the form. For more details, see Remove from Ticket Entry.
  • Skipping Inputs - If you want to skip input on a specific field, but still be able to see it, use the MS Ticket Entry Options form (Options > Ticket Entry Options) or the standard F3 Form Properties.
  • Tax Option - The Tax Option field in MS Company Parameters determines where the tax code defaults from when you enter tickets. For example, if set to 1-Sales Location, the tax code defaults from IN Locations for the specified sale location. If set to 2-Sales Type / Purchaser or 3-Sales Type / Purchaser / Sales Location, the system bases the tax code default on the sale type and purchaser. Therefore, if the Sale Type is Customer, the tax code defaults from AR Customers.
    Note: The tax option does not control whether or not the system posts taxes for a material or haul charges. It only provides a default tax code. Taxes will only be calculated for materials and haul charges that are flagged as taxable.
  • Ticket & Credit Limit Warnings - Use the Ticket Warning field (in MS Company Parameters) to have the system check for duplicate ticket numbers and warn you if the number already exists. When you enter tickets, the system displays a warning when the entered ticket number already exists for the MS company, or for the MS company and Sales Location (depending on the selected option). You can also have the system display a warning during ticket entry when the specified customer has exceeded their credit limit. For more information, see the F1 help for the Check Customer Credit Limit During Ticket Entry check box in AR Customers.
    Note: These options provide warnings only. The system still allows entries.
  • Save Deleted Tickets - Select the Save Deleted Tickets check box to have the system save a copy of all tickets (new or existing) that you delete from a ticket batch in MS Ticket Entry. This does not apply to tickets deleted from the system during a purge (MS Purge).
    Note: Saved tickets are stored in the MS Deleted Ticket table (MSTX). The system records all information on the ticket, along with the date, time, and user name for each deleted entry. Detail remains in this table until purged in MS Purge.
    When used with the Material Tickets audit option (MS Company Parameters, Info tab), this feature can provide a more complete audit trail by storing a full copy of each deleted ticket, as well as capturing deletions of uploaded entries before reaching Ticket Detail.