Remove from Ticket Entry

The check boxes in this section determine the fields that display on MS Ticket Entry. Select a check box to have the corresponding field (or fields) removed from the form.

These options are:

  • Material Vendor
  • Weights (Gross, Tare, & Net)
  • PR Co#/Employee
  • Driver
  • Start/Stop Times
  • Loads
  • Miles (US)/Kilometres (AU or CA)
  • Hours
  • Haul Zone
  • EM Revenue Info (Rev Code, Basis, Rate, & Total)
  • Vendor Pay Info (Pay Code, Basis, Rate, & Total)
  • Tax Info (Tax Type, Code, Basis, & Total)*
  • Discount Info
  • Reason Code

* For Australia and Canada only (i.e, Default Country is AU or CA in HQ Company Setup), the Tax Info fields also include Haul Pay Tax Type, Haul Pay Tax Code, and Haul Pay Tax Amt.

Note: Although you can remove fields from the form, some values may still default based on other information entered on the ticket. For example, if you elect to remove EM Revenue Info fields, but you assigned the equipment a revenue code (in EM Equipment), a revenue code still defaults for the transaction, and a revenue amount calculates for the transaction based on the revenue code and rate. This also applies to Vendor Pay Info if you assigned a pay code to the vendor in MS Vendor Trucks.