Base Revenue on Haul Charges

Base revenue on haul charges.

If you want revenue charges based on values entered with the haul code, set up the revenue code as follows (in EM Revenue Codes):

  • Set the revenue code basis to be equal to the haul code basis. For example, if the haul code’s Haul Rate is Based On field is set to 2-Per Hour, then set the revenue code’s Revenue Basis option to Hour.
  • Check the Based on MS Haul Charge/Surcharge box. This will flag the revenue code so that when entering tickets or hauler time sheets, the revenue basis, rate, and total will default from the values entered for the haul code.

When tickets and hauler time sheets are entered, the program will check to make sure that the basis of the revenue code is consistent with the posted haul code. If the haul code is unit based, the revenue code must also be unit based, and its unit of measure must match the material unit of measure entered for the ticket. Likewise, if the haul code is hourly based, the revenue code or pay code must also be hourly based.

If the validation is successful, the revenue code’s standard rates will be ignored, and the values entered for the haul code will then default into the related revenue fields. For example:

Haul Code Basis Rate Charge _ Rev Code Basis Rate Total
2 (Per Hour) 16 15.00 $240.00 1 (Per Hour) 16 15.00 240.00