Editing Tickets

On occasion, you may need to edit one or several tickets after they have already been processed.

Job and Inventory sales tickets can be edited as often as needed and can be re-interfaced, if necessary. Customer sales tickets can be edited as long as they have not been invoiced. If a ticket has been invoiced, you will need to post a correcting transaction to make the necessary changes. See Correcting Invoices Transactions in Related Topics below.

Material Sales provides two methods for editing tickets:

  • Manual – MS Ticket Entry

  • Automatic – MS Mass Ticket Edit

Manual editing of tickets is done in MS Ticket Entry. With this method, you can pull up individual tickets for editing. However, you will typically only use this method when you need to change a few tickets.

Automatic editing is done using the MS Mass Ticket Edit program, which is available by selecting the Mass Edit option from the File menu of MS Ticket Entry. This method allows you to select multiple tickets based on specific criteria, then make global changes to the tickets based on a different set of criteria. This option is typically most useful when you need to make the same change(s) to a group of tickets.

In order to use the mass edit option, you will first need to pull all the applicable tickets into a batch. You can do this using the Add Tickets option (File menu). Once you have populated your batch with the desired tickets, you can then access the Mass Ticket Edit form and enter the applicable criteria. You will first enter the Filter criteria, which will determine which tickets in the batch will be eligible for editing. Then the Edit criteria is entered, which specifies which data is to be replaced and what it will be replaced with. Depending on the input, you may have the option to replace the data with the standard default, others you may want to specify an actual value. Once you have entered all the necessary criteria, click the Process button to implement the edit process, and all tickets meeting the filter criteria will be changed to the new values.

Note: Editable data will be limited for cash and credit card sales, entries that have already been invoiced, those with ‘verified’ haul information, or those that have had their Hauler Payment information updated to AP. During the edit process, the status of each transaction will be checked to determine whether purchaser, pricing, haul charge, tax, discount, and/or hauler payment information is eligible to be changed. Purchaser and dollar amounts (material, haul, tax, and discount) will not be changed on cash or credit card transactions, or any transaction that has already been invoiced. Haul information will not be changed on any transaction that has been ‘verified’, and hauler payment values will not be changed on any entry that has been updated to AP.

For more information on the MS Mass Ticket Edit form, see Related Topics below.