Ticket Entry Options

The Ticket Entry program provides a feature that allows you to quickly enter large batches of tickets by eliminating manual entry of repetitive data.

The MS Ticket Entry Options window, accessed by selecting Entry Options from the Options menu, allows you to designate which fields are to be accessed for input and which fields will be skipped. During ticket entry, the selected fields (those that are checked) will default from entries made in the previous ticket.

Typically, you will set the entry options once you have entered the first ticket. However, if the entry options are designated before you have entered your first ticket, the skipped fields will default as null unless there is a standard default for that field. For example, if you elect to skip the Material Vendor field, it will default as null, since there is no standard default for that field. However, if you elect to skip the Date field, it will default the current date. If you should need to change the information in one of the “skipped” fields, use the mouse to move the cursor to that field. Once you have changed the input, each successive ticket will automatically default with the new data.

Entry options are maintained by user, and can be changed whenever necessary.