Add Related Items to a PM Record

You can add related items to a PM record by selecting Related Items.

  1. Select the PM record to which you want to add the related item. The field at the top of the form above the Search for Records section displays the record that the selected records will be related to. Verify that this is the correct record
  2. Enter search criteria into the fields in the Search For section to filter the records that display in the form. For information on a specific field, move the cursor to that field and press F1.
  3. Click the Search button. All records that match the search criteria will display in the Available Records grid in the Relate Items section.
  4. Highlight the records you would like to relate in the Available Records grid and click the Add button. This will move the highlighted records to the Related Records grid. You can use SHIFT to select a consecutive range of records or CTRL to select specific records. You can also click the Add All button to move all of the records in the Available Records grid to the Related Records grid.
  5. Click the Applybutton to create the relations. A message will display if the items are correctly updated.
  6. Click OK to exit the form or enter new search criteria and manually add more relations.