PM Relate Items Form

Use this form to locate PM records and then relate them to a currently selected PM record.

Using this feature, you can associate various PM records with another related PM record. For example, you can relate a project issue with all pending change orders resulting from the project issue. You can then view Related items and open them from the PM module Work Center or any form with the Related Items functionality. Click here for a brief overview on the Related Items feature.

You can open this form in two ways:

  • By clicking the drop down next to the Related Items icon and then selecting Add Related Items on any form with the Related Items feature.

  • By highlighting a record in the grid in the PM Work Center and clicking the Related Items icon at the top of the grid.

Note: You can also create related records using the Create Related () feature from within any PM form with the Related Document functionality. When you use this feature, the system creates a new record using the information on the currently selected record. Both the current record and the new record will be related to each other automatically, and can be reviewed from either record by selecting View Related Items from the Related Items drop-down.

This feature is also available on the PM Work Center.

Click on the links below for more information on using this form.

Add Related Items to a PM Record

Remove Related Items from a PM Record