About Processing CO Items

After you have modified the items in the grid (PM CO Items Initialize form) to your satisfaction, click the Process CO Items button.

This will activate the initialization process and generate a change order item for each item in the grid. If you elected to generate detail, all phases/cost types defined for each contract item will be set up for the change order item, and units/amounts calculated accordingly. For PCO items where the 'Fixed Amount' flag was set to N (unchecked), markup and add-on amounts will be calculated for each item and included in the item's final amount. If the 'Fixed Amount' flag was set to Y (checked), final amounts will be as specified before initialization. For ACO items, amounts will be as defined before initialization. No markup or add-on amounts are included.

If you did not 'generate detail', phase/cost type detail will need to be entered manually (in PM Change Order Phases) or using the Generate Detail button in the appropriate change order items screen.

Once initialization is complete, you can access the change order items (in PM Pending Change Order Items or PM Approved Change Order Items) and edit/approve as necessary.