About Default Options

The Default options in the PM CO Items Initialize form are used to define the contract items you wish to initialize as change order items.

You can specify a range of contract items or leave blank to include all items on the contract. Other options allow for restricting contract items based on the contract item's start month and/or assigned bill group. You can also specify to include/exclude contract items with a lump sum (LS) unit of measure.

The Default options allow you to auto-set change order items with specific data.

  • Use Contract Item Descriptions – This option allows you to specify the default description for each initialized change order item. If checked, the contract item description is used. If unchecked, the PCO or ACO change order description is used (depending on whether initializing PCO or ACO items).

  • Set Fixed Price Flag as Checked – This option applies to PCO items only, and is used to auto-set the Fixed Amount box to checked or unchecked for each change order item. This flag determines whether the amount of the change order item will be a fixed amount (which excludes any markup/add-on amounts) or whether the amount will include markup and/or add-on amounts.

Note: Because markup/add-on amounts are not used on approved change orders, both this option and the Fixed Amount column (Grid & Info tabs) are disabled and unchecked when initializing items for approved change orders.
  • Set Generate Detail Flag as Checked – This option allows you to auto-set the Generate Detail box (Grid & Info tabs) to checked or unchecked for each item. The Generate Detail checkbox determines whether or not phase/cost type detail will be auto-generated for each change order item initialized.

  • Calculate Additional Units/Amount to Equal Billing – This option allows you to calculate additional units/dollars for change order items based on billed values. If checked, additional units or amounts (if LS) will be calculated for each contract item based on the BilledUnits or BilledAmt in JCCI (Contract Items), plus UnitsBilled or AmtBilled for non-interfaced billings from JBIT (Bill Items), less ContractUnits or ContractAmt in JCCI. If unchecked, Additional Units and Additional Amounts columns will be set to 0.00.

Note: Use the Thru Month below to specify the month through which to pull billings for calculating additional units/amounts. Calculations will include values posted in months equal to or less than this month.
  • Positive Additional Units/Amount Only – This option is only enabled if you checked the Calculate Add'l Units/Amount to equal billing option above. If checked, only calculations resulting in positive units or amounts will be shown in grid. Calculations resulting in negative units/amounts will be set to 0.00 for the contract item. If unchecked, all calculations will be shown in the grid, regardless of whether they are positive or negative values.