About the PM Approve PCOs Form

Use this form to approve pending change orders and assign them to ACOs.

Click here for general information on approving PCOs and grouping them onto ACOs.

You can also use this form to add those ACOs to a new or existing contract change order (CCO). Click here for information on contract change orders.

You can open this form by:

About Creating SubCOs/SCOs and POCOs from the PCOs

Approve PCOs

  • Interface with Accounting - After the change orders have been approved, you can interface them with the accounting modules using PM Interface. You can open this form by selecting Tasks > Open PM Interface.
  • Approve additional PCOs - Select Tasks > Approve PCOs if you want to approve several PCOs at the same time. This will open the PM Add Records form, which allows you to select the PCOs that you want to approve. The selected PCOs will be added to the Grid tab on the PM Approve PCOs form. Select a PCO on the Grid tab and then use the Info tab to select the ACO and the PCO Items tab to select the PCO items that will be approved.
  • Updates to Custom Fields - If you are using custom fields created using the VA Custom Fields Wizard , any data entered in a custom field on a pending change order will update the ACO as long as you have set up identical custom fields in both PM Pending Change Orders and PM Approved Change Orders. If you also have the custom field set up in JC Change Orders, it will be updated when the approved change order is interfaced to Job Cost.

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