About the PM Change Orders Form

You can use this form to create and maintain both pending change orders (PCOs) and approved change orders(ACOs).

Note: You cannot create and maintain change order items using this form, but you can use this form to launch both PM Pending Change Orders and PM Approved Change Orders to perform those actions.
There are three main tabs in this form:
  • Info tab - This is a display-only tab showing information about the project, including the customer, the contract, approving entity (architect/engineer firm/contact specified for the project), and revenue, cost, and profit totals for both approved and pending change orders.

  • Pending / Approved tabs - These tabs are used to maintain the general information on PCOs and ACOs. The information entered on the selected tab will become the change order header. Pending and Approved revenue, cost, and profit totals are displayed above each tab (as well as in the grid), and will reflect values entered at the phase detail level for items on the change order. Change order items and phases can be entered by clicking the Items button from the active tab.

    The Impact Estimate, Impact SL, Impact PO, and Impact Contract check boxes on the Pending tab are disabled on this form. If you want to change the values in these fields, you must use the Info tab in the upper portion of the PM Pending Change Orders form. The selections in these fields default based on the document type selected in the PCO Type field. You can use the PM Interface form to change how these fields default.

Things you can do in this form:
  • Approve a PCO - You can approve pending change orders using this form by selecting a PCO on the Pending tab and clicking Approve. For more information, see About the PM Approve PCOs Form.
  • Initialize Phases to Job Roles - If you are using the job roles functionality and have assigned roles to projects/jobs using the PM Projects or JC Jobs forms, you can use the Job Phase Roles Initialize option in the File menu to initialize phases to roles assigned to a project/job. For more information, see About Initializing Phases to Job Roles.

  • Initialize Change Order Items - Select File > CO Items Initialize to create change order items from contract items for both pending and approved change orders. For more information, see About the PM CO Items Initialize Form.

  • Zero out Add-ons - The PCO Total Zero Out option is only for use with pending change orders and allows you to zero out the add-ons for non-approved items on pending change orders. For more information, see About the PM Zero Out Add-ons Form.

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