About the PM CO Items Initialize Form

Use this form to generate change order items from contract items.

You can open this form by selecting:

  • Filter / Default Options - The Filter options are used to define the contract items you wish to initialize as change order items. For more information, see About Default Options.
  • Refresh Items / Clear Items - Once you have entered the filter criteria and set the default options, click the Refresh Items button to populate the grid with all items meeting the criteria. For more information, see About Refreshing/Clearing Items.
  • Hide Filter Criteria - Once you have populated the grid, you can collapse the filter criteria for additional working space by clicking the Up icon.
  • Adjusting Change Order Item Units/Amounts - Once the grid is populated, the original units/amounts, current units/amounts, current billed units/amounts, and projected units are displayed for each contract item, as applicable. The 'Additional Units' and 'Amount' columns are enabled, allowing you to enter change order units (unit-based items) or amounts (LS items). You can also change the 'Fixed' and 'Generate Detail' flag settings for each item. Keep in mind that unchecking a previously checked 'Fixed' flag will cause the 'amount' specified for an item to be cleared. It is not necessary to re-enter an amount in this case, as the amount will be recalculated for the item based on phase detail and markup/add-on amounts. If you elect to not auto-generate phase detail, amounts will be set to 0.00. You will then need to enter phase detail manually in order to produce an amount for the item.
  • Create CO Items - This button allows you to auto-generate change order items based on the next sequential number available. When clicked, contract items in the grid that are not already assigned a CO Item and having additional units or amounts (LS) not equal to 0.00, will be assigned the next sequential CO Item. If you do not want to use this feature, you can assign change order items manually in the grid.
  • Process CO Items - After you have modified the items in the grid to your satisfaction, click the Process CO Items button. For more information, see About Processing CO Items.

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