About the PM Load CO Item Costs Form

Use this form to load actual units, hours, and costs from JCCD (Cost Detail) into your change order item phases/cost types.

You can open this form by:

In order to use this feature, phases and cost types must already be set up for the change order item into which costs will be loaded. Phases/cost types can be added manually or using the Generate Detail function, which will initialize phases/cost types with zero values.

You can specify a beginning/ending month range and/or actual date range by which to restrict the JC detail transactions that will be used when accumulating phase cost type totals. You can also leave criteria blank if you want to include all months and/or dates.

The Replace Existing Values option allows you to update units, hours, and costs already defined for phases/cost types with accumulated values from JCCD. If this option is left unchecked, only phases/cost types with zero amounts will be updated; phases/cost types with existing amounts will be left intact.

Once you have entered your criteria, click the Update button. The update process will cycle through each phase/cost type for the change order item and:

  • sum the actual units, hours, and costs from JCCD for the phase/cost type using the month and date ranges. If the actual units, hours, and costs are zero, will skip to the next phase cost type;
  • check for existing units, hours, or costs. If they exist and the 'Replace existing values' option is unchecked, the phase/cost type will be skipped;
  • set units to zero for each phase/cost type with a LS unit of measure.

If an error occurs during the process for a phase/cost type, the update process will end; however, any actual values loaded for previous phases/cost types will be left intact.

If the item is a pending change order item, the pending amount will be calculated once the update process is complete.

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