Step 1: Create the pending change orders (PCO)

In this step you will create the PCO and PCO item, and then enter the change detail using the Estimate/Purchase Details tab in the lower portion of the PM Pending Change Orders form.
  1. Open the PM Pending Change Orders form. There are a few ways to open the form:
    • PM Work Center - Change Management> Pending Change Orders> Select a project in the Project field> Create New Item icon ().
    • Programs folder - Project Management> Programs> Pending Change Orders> Verify the correct project displays in the Project field> Open the Grid tab in the upper portion of the form> Click the New Record icon ()
  2. Press F4 in the PCO Type field and select a PCO type from a list. Examples of possible PCO types include budget transfer, billable change order, non-billable change order, etc. The selection in this field will drive some of the defaults in this form.
  3. Enter the PCO ID number in the PCO field. By default this will populate with the next available number.
  4. Open the Info tab in the upper portion of the form.
  5. Check only the Estimate box in the Change Impact field. The selections in this field will default based on the type of PCO that you are creating (PCO Type field).
  6. Use the Pricing Method field to select the pricing method of the change.
  7. Complete the remaining fields on the Info tab in the upper portion of the form. Press F1 in any field for detailed information about that field.
  8. The lower portion of the form is used to create and maintain the PCO items. Open the Info tab in the lower portion of the form.
  9. Click in the PCO Item field, enter a '+' in the field, and then press TAB. The system will automatically create a new PCO item and assign it the next available number.
  10. Press F4 in theContract Item field and select the contract item that is associated with the non-billable change. A PCO has to be associated with a contract item before it can be approved.
  11. Open the Estimate/Purchase Details tab.
  12. The selection in the Pricing Method field on the Info tab in the upper portion of the form determines which fields will display on this tab. You can change the selection in this field to see how the columns are affected.
  13. Use the Estimate/ Purchase Details tab to enter detailed information about the change.

    You can also click the Add PCO Items button at the bottom of the form and then quickly select and add existing phases to the PCO.

  14. Optional: Use the Create and Send feature () to generate a change order document.