Step 2: Approve the pending change order

In this step you will approve the pending change order, which will create an approved change order.
  1. Approve the pending change order. There are two ways to do this:
    • PM Work Center - Change Management> Pending Change Orders> Select the pending change order> Tasks icon ()> Approve
    • PM Pending Change Orders form - Open the PCO in the PM Pending Change Orders form, and then select Tasks> Approve PCOs
  2. Select Tasks > Approve PCOs from the menu at the top of the form. This will open the PM Approve PCOs form.
  3. The Project, PCO Type, and PCO fields will automatically populate based on the PCO that you are approving.
  4. Enter the ACO number that you would like to create in the ACO field. You can also enter a '+' in this field if you would like the system to automatically create a new ACO and assign it the next available number.
    Note: Note the ACO number. You will need it when you interface the change.
  5. Open the PCO Items tab. Each PCO item will display as an item on this tab.
  6. Click the Approve box next to each PCO item that you would like to approve and include on the selected ACO (ACO field on the Info tab).
  7. Press F4 in the Contract Item field and select the contract item associated with the non-billable change. A PCO has to be associated with a contract item before it can be approved.
  8. Click the Approvebutton when complete to approve the PCO.