Step 2: Create the Change Order Request (COR)

Having “worked up” the change, submit it to the customer for approval via the Change Order Request.
  1. From the PM Pending Change Orders form, create the change order request by selecting Create > Change Order Request. This will open the PM PCOs Create COR form.
  2. Compete the fields in the form and then click OKto create the COR.
  3. Click Yes on the message that appears to open the change order request that you just created. This will open the PM Change Order Requests form.
  4. Enter the modify the information on the Info tab.
  5. Open the PCOs tab. This tab displays all of the PCOs on the change order request. You can use this tab to add additional PCOs to the change order request, or remove them from the COR.
  6. Open the Distribution tab and add the project contacts that should receive a copy of the change order request form.
  7. Use the Create and Send feature to create a change order request document, and then send it to a project contact.