Step 3: Approve the change

Your customer has approved the change order request. How do we indicate that in the software?
  1. Open the change order request in the PM Change Order Requests form.
  2. Select Tasks > Approve PCOs. This will open the PM Approve PCOs form.
  3. Enter a '+' in the ACO field and the system will automatically create a new ACO and assign it the next available number.
  4. Check the Create New option in the Contract Change Order section at the bottom of the form and then enter a '+' in the enabled field. The system will create a new contract change order and automatically assign it the next available number.
  5. Open the PCO Items tab and verify that all of the selected PCOs should be approved.
    A pending change order must be associated with a contract item before it can be approved. Make sure that every PCO is associated with a contract using the Contract Item field.
  6. Click the Approve button at the bottom of the form when complete. A message indicates that the PCO item(s) were approved. If an item was not approved, scroll to the right side of the PCO Items tab for an explanation. After you close the message, the approved items disappear, and the Info tab fields gray out.
  7. Open the PM Contract Change Order form. From here you can create, approve, print, or open a CCO. Double click on the CCO you just created.
  8. Do you need to send a final change document to your customer? If so, use the Create and Send feature to generate the contract change order document. If that is not needed, just click Approve.