Option #1: Automatically create a new subcontract change order by approving a PCO

This process guides you through automatically creating a new subcontract change order when approving a pending change order. You can create a PO change order in a similar way.

This process just outlines the basic steps. For detailed information about any field in a form, press F1 in that field to launch the application help.

Step 1: Enter the PCO general information

  • Open the PM Pending Change Orders form.
  • Use the Project, PCO Type, and PCO fields to either create a new pending change order or select an existing one.
  • Make sure the SL box on the Info tab in the upper portion of the form is checked.
  • Select the pricing method of the subcontract in the Pricing Method field - for example unit or lump sum pricing.
Step 2: Add the subcontract to the pending change order
  • Click the Add PCO Items button at the bottom of the form. This will open the PM PCO Add Items form.
  • The PCO item field determines which PCO items the subcontract will be added to. Leave this field blank to create a new PCO item, or press F4 to select an existing item.
  • Check the Vendor(SL) option. The subcontracts associated with the project will display in the lower portion of the form. Only subcontracts that have been interfaced using the PM Interface form will display.
  • Select a subcontract and click the Add Items button. A message will display, notifying you that the subcontract has been added to the PCO.
  • Click the Close button when complete. This will close the PM PCO Items form
Step 3: Enter the PCO item information
  • Create a new PCO item in the lower portion of the form.
  • Select a contract in the Contract Item field. The PCO item must be associated with a contract before it can be approved. This can also be done when the PCO item is being approved.
  • If the contract is affected by the change order, enter that information in the Contract Impact section.
  • Open the Estimate/Purchase Detail tab.
  • The subcontract selected using the Add PCO Items button will display.
  • Use the Purchase UM, Purchase Units, Purchase Unit Cost, ECM, and Purchase Amount fields to enter the subcontract change order information. Based on the pricing method selected in the upper portion of the form, only some of these fields will display.
  • Click the Save icon at the top of the form to save your changes.
Step 4: Approve the PCO and create the subcontract change order
  • Select Tasks > Approve PCOs on the PM Pending Change Orders form. This will open the PM Approve PCOs form.

  • Use the ACO field to add the pending change order items to an existing ACO or create a new ACO.

  • Make sure the Create Sub/PO Change Orders upon PCO Approval box is checked.

  • Check the Auto-Approve Sub/PO Change Orders box if you want the system to automatically approve the subcontract change order that is created. If you do not check this box, you will have to manually approve the SCO using the PM Subcontract Change Orders form.

  • Open the PCO Items tab and select the PCO items that should be approved. By default all items will be selected.

  • Click the Approve button. A message will display when the PCO has been approved. If there are errors they will display on the PCO Items tab

Step 5: View the PCO
  • Open the PM Pending Change Orders form, and then open the Estimate/Purchase Details tab.

  • The subcontract change order that the system created is now associated with the PCO item. You can view this association in two ways:

    • SubCO and SubCO Sequence fields - The system will assign an SubCO and SubCO sequence number based on the selection in the Create single subcontract change order per vendor when generating ACOs box on the Subcontract Parameters tab of the PM Company Parameters form.

    • The SCO and original subcontract will now also display in the Related Items panel. Click the Related Items icon in the toolbar at the top of the form to view it.

Step 6: View the subcontract change order
  • Open the PM subcontract Change Orders form and select the SCO that the system automatically created.

  • You can use the Create and Send feature to generate a SCO document and email it to a project contact.

  • You can also click the Approve button to approve the SCO and then use the PM Interface form to interface it with accounting.

    • The SCO will already be approved if you checked the Approve related Sub/PO Change Orders box on the PM Approve PCOs form when you were approving the PCO