PCO Setup Options

Some of these options can be used to reduce pending change orders data entry. Review this list before creating new PCOs.

  1. You can use document types to define different types of potential/pending change orders - for example Field Orders or Proposed Change Orders. PCO document types also allow you to define some of the default values that populate on the PM Potential Change Order form when creating new pending change orders, which can reduce data entry. PCO document types are created and maintained using PM Document Types Formand they determine the following:
    • If the default add-ons and mark-ups set up on the project (PM Projects> Markups and Add-Ons tabs) apply to the PCO

    • Default pricing method - for example unit or lump sum pricing

    • Default impact - for example if the PCO impacts the estimates, subcontracts, purchase orders, or contracts on a project

    • User-defined dates that should be tracked on the PCO or PCO items

  2. Status IDs define the status of a PCO or PCO item, for example if it is pending or approved. Status IDs also define how the PCO is handled during JC module projections in About the JC Cost Projections Form and About the JC Revenue Projections Form. Status IDs are created and maintained using PM Status IDs Form.
  3. The Distribution Defaults feature automatically populates the PCO Distribution tab with the project contacts that should by default receive a copy of the PCO document. For example if the customer's architect should receive a copy of all changes that affect the contract, you can add the architect as a distribution default on all PCOs that affect the contract. Click here for information on assigning distribution defaults.
  4. Make sure that the add-ons and markups that you would like to add to a PCO have been set up. See See PM Projects Form for detail beyond these two points.
    • Markups are added to the project using the Markups tab. The markups on the project will be included on a PCO based on the settings on the PCO document type.

    • Add-ons are added to the project using the Add-Ons tab. The add-ons on the project will be included on a PCO based on the settings on the PCO document type, but you can also add additional add-ons to a PCO using the Add-ons tab on PM Pending Change Orders.