About the PM Cost Projection Editor Form

Use this form to view detailed projection information and enter plugged values.

Access this form from the PM Cost Projections form by selecting a record in the Grid or Phase/Cost Type tab and either double-clicking on the record or clicking the Detail Window button (below the grid).

Note: You can make changes using either the PM Cost Projection Editor or PM Cost Projections form. If a change is made in one form, the system will automatically update the other.


The Info tab displays projection values for the selected projection code or phase/cost type, depending on whether you accessed this form from the Grid tab or the Phase/Cost Type tab in PM Cost Projections. You can use this tab to override (plug) projected % Complete, Over/Under, Remaining, or Final amounts.

The Producton Type button () displayed in the last line of the projection values allows you to toggle between ManDays, CST/HR, U/H, HR/U values. If you opened this form from the Phase/Cost Type tab, you can plug the Remaining and Final values for the selected option. If using the ManDays option, the value entered in the Remaining and Final values are multiplied by the Hrs/ManDay shown above grid to determine the remaining or final hours (respectively). For example, if Hrs/ManDay is set to ‘8’, and you change the Remaining man-days from ‘10’ to ‘15’, the remaining hours will be increased to 120 (15 x 8). All other man-day and hours values (i.e. over/under and final) are recalculated accordingly.

Projection Detail

If you selected the Activate projection detail feature check box in PM Company Parameters, this form displays a Projection Detail tab. This tab displays a detailed breakdown of the projected costs for the currently selected Projection Code and/or Phase/Cost Type. You can add new detail sequences if needed, or use the Action field for an existing detail sequence to change or delete the detail.


The Costs tab displays the cost detail of the currently selected projection code or phase/cost type.

Use the Begin Month, End Month, Show actual units only, and Costs fields to filter the cost information displayed in the lower portion of the tab.

The Phase Costs informational display shows the actual, estimate, total committed, and remaining committed costs for all phases; however, as you select phases/cost type in the grid the Descriptions section displays information specific to the selected phase/cost type. For example, if you select a phase/cost type with a EMRev source, the Descriptions section shows the equipment description, EM group, Revenue Code, and Equipment associated with that phase/cost type.

Future COs

The Future COs tab is an informational display showing you the pending change order (PCO) items and approved change order (ACO) items that are associated with the selected project/phase/cost type in the Project Management module, but have not been interfaced with the Job Cost module using the PM Interface form.

Change orders will only display if you selected a phase and cost type. If the tab is blank, verify there is a Phase and Cost Type selected in the form. If both of these fields are blank, it means you launched the PM Cost Projection Editor form using a projection code. Return to the PM Cost Projections form, select on projection code on the Grid tab, open the Phase/ Cost Type tab, and then double click on a phase/cost type. The change orders for the selected phase/cost type will now display on the Future Change Orders tab.

If a pending change order or approved change order that you expect to see is missing from the list, verify that the PCO or ACO meets the following conditions.
  • The PCO or ACO has not been interfaced.
  • The PCO or ACO is associated with a document type that is set up to display in projections (that is, the Include in Cost Projections check box is selected for the document type in PM Document Types). Document types are associated with PCOs using the PCO Type field in PM Pending Change Orders and ACOs using the Document Type field in PM Approved Change Orders.
  • The PCO item is associated with a status ID that is set up to be included in projections (that is, the PM Status ID is set up in PM Status IDs with a Projections Option of Display in Projections or Display & Calculate in Projections). PCO items are assigned a status ID using the Status field in PM Pending Change Orders, Items section (either the Grid or Info tabs).

If the PCO does not meet these conditions, it will not display on the Future COs tab.